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Lithium ion is the fastest growing and most innovative battery chemistry in the international market today. If you prefer, You Might click any picture at the top of this Page to find the same inventory of Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Packs and Battery Chargers split by class. Flawed battery design, inadequate producing quality, improper charging/discharging, and physical abuse may induce these batteries to heat up rapidly by several hundred degrees resulting in fires and explosion.

We carry rechargeable batteries as well as the chargers to go with them, in addition to non rechargeable batteries. They developed a silver-zinc rechargeable microbattery which can be fully recharged over 400 times without sacrificing substantial energy capacity. The unique security problems with lithium ion and lithium-polymer batteries may be attributed to the materials being flammable and unstable at elevated temperatures.

If you use rechargeable batteries too, you are sure to several bargains on them also! Request a quote on custom rechargeable battery packs for your particular application. Please pass this website energy battery with your colleagues, associates, family and friends and to all those who will benefit from coping with as their reliable and reliable battery provider!

Unlike other chemistries, like lithium ion or lithium ion, SLA batteries don’t require sophisticated battery management circuitry, and are much less heavily regulated for transport. Despite the structural differences, you need to treat them equally and consider them two variations (‘gentle and light’ ‘tough and strong’) of the exact same kind of battery.

These battery packs offer excellent energy density, maintain their charge for long periods when not being used, nor experience memory effect” in charging. And we will not soon forget concerning the hoverboard craze last Christmas, that finished with lithium ion batteries resulting in fires all around the USA. Silver-zinc microbatteries offer greater energy density than equivalently sized lithium ion batteries, as far as security goes, there’s absolutely no comparison.

House of Batteries layouts and thoroughly tests the battery control system of every lithium ion and polymer battery pack we assemble to guarantee optimum performance and safety. These batteries also exhibit much Better control retention and retrieval after long periods of storage (1-2 years) and more calendar life (5-8 years).