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Euro size vinyl stacking containers, industrial quality suitable for a broad range of storage and handling applications. Factory workers and a variety of other industrial professionals can use these containers. We are now able to offer ESD euro containers, either with or without lids for clients that require ESD protection in their plastic boxes. The design also helps keep a constant product temperature during storage and transit and hence the containers are best for fridges and freezers.

Stacking boxes are authentic space saving wonders and the easiest solution for all that requires order and a clear summary. The Euro Box Kits are available in 3 widths ( 915 , 1220 and 1525 mm) and an assortment of Euro Box combinations. For stacking and nesting simplicity, the Maxinest Container’s utilize a two-colour layout to identify loading places and will consequently prevent contents from being crushed via erroneous stacking.

Integral Handles and straight-sided walls also Enhance internal capacity and secure stacking. Aluminium boxes and fever resistant boxes such as foodstuffs, in addition to stacking baskets and steel boxes for heavy articles, and other potential variations. Weighing in at a not so insignificant 108 KG’s he deftly caught at the top of flipped Euro Container with a lattice base.

These solid vinyl stacking containers are a flexible storage tray capable to withstand the rigours of industrial uses. The smooth, sealed surfaces of this Euro Containers stop the accumulation of dust and dirt and allow repeated washing and steam-cleaning. A Euro container that is 600x400x290mm in size and is from our class leading euro container array.

Likewise task-focussed are our Euro-standard Confectionery Trays and ventilated Bale Arm Containers , each of which are utilized for the storage and distribution of particular food items. Stacking boxes along with the individual stacking systems can be used as permanent storage or as transport containers. Euro piling containers are plastic modular inter-stacking containers with perpendicular sides for maximum inner volume.

The right sided design gives maximum storage capacity and enables the trays to be stacked securely with or with pliers, without effecting the contents of this container. Made from durable food-grade plastic these containers are easy to clean and require no maintenance. The Ventilated Euro Stacking Containers are similarly pallet boxes impervious to moisture and benefit from a ventilated construction.

Please note these containers are brand new and un-used, ensuring you get always top quality fittings to supply on-going support. Euro containers are designed to fit on European dimensions 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm wooden and plastic pallets , in addition to standard 1200 x 1000mm pallets. The Euro normal foot printing ensures that the containers stack economically on pallets or with other Euro containers in the scope, helping take advantage of precious space.