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When compared to all the painstakingly tedious ways you have to prepare for moving, packing your clothes may seem like no big deal. They’re not heavy or particularly fragile, cannot be easily damaged and will do no major harm if dropped. You may feel like you have this certain area of packing under control, but upon the second or third hour of sorting, squeezing, and folding, may find that the boxes and bags you designated for clothing and accessories may not hold even HALF of your garments (most clothing items aren’t heavy, but rather voluminous and take up more space than expected.)

If this scenario is what you find when beginning the process of packing up your entire wardrobe, then you need to start with one simple but time-consuming task: sorting. There are probably just as many items that you no longer wear or need hanging in your closet as their are things you use on a regular basis. For those items, there is no need to haul them to your new home. Sort and get rid of irrelevant clothes, items that may be outdated or outside your preferred style, clothes that you and your family have outgrown literally or stylistically, accessories like shoes that are too far gone for repairs. It may seem easier to throw every single thing you own into bags and boxes, but you’ll thank yourself later when you’re moving a fraction of what you would have before sorting and tossing. If clothes are still in good condition, consider selling them to a consignment shop for extra cash, or donating them to thrift stores so that other people may find good use of them. You can also organize an online or in-person moving sale to get rid of a lot of your unwanted wardrobe items.

Another must-use tip when it comes to packing clothes and accessories is finding the right containers. Without a doubt, using wardrobe boxes is the most efficient and simplest way to pack up hanging clothes for the big move. They’re so convenient–tall and ready to go with a hanging rack across the top. If you find they are too costly for your moving budget, you can always use trash bags. If you decide this cheap and easy way to move clothes is for you, remember to cut a hole in the bottom of the bag that’s big enough for the hangers to get through, and then pull the bags down over dozens of hanging pieces of clothing. Tie up the bag in a knot below the clothes or use packing tape to secure the bundles. A zip-tie or piece of twine will hold the hanger handles together at the top for perfect moving capability.

For accessories like shoes, purses, and hats, there are oftentimes special containers available online and in retail stores that will perfectly hold them during your move. Special under-the-bed or over-the-door shoe boxes and racks are usually affordable and easy ways to store your shoes and move them. Of course if you’re looking to stock up your new closet with dope threads head on over to LL BEAN! They’ve got great deals for the whole family. Enjoy awesome savings on footwear, outdoor gear, bags, travel gear, clothing, and so much more

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have the easiest and most efficient time packing and moving your wardrobe!