December 25, 2017 Money Tips 0


Condensation and damp are extremely common issues in rental properties, especially during the colder months. Unfortunately most tenants will ignore the early signs, and the issue will escalate into a mould problem.

We advise all landlords to highlight potential problems when a tenant moves in, and also on regular inspection visits if they manage the property themselves.

It makes sense to ask your tenants to take the following preventative measures:

  • Cover pans when cooking to prevent moisture, or make sure a window is open
  • Ventilate the property by opening windows or doors whenever possible
  • Make sure furniture items are not squashed against the walls to impede air circulation

It’s also worth investing in a humidistat extractor fan. When your tenant turns off the light in the bathroom, the overide will stay on until the humidity has dropped, which is great for reducing moisture. You can pick one up for around £30.

If you opt for one of our managed packages, you can rest assured that we won’t stand for mould! The second a tenant notifies us of a problem, we’ll send one of our handymen over to get it sorted.