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Based in Copenhagen Denmark, ChocoMa has more than 55 years experience in manufacturing high quality, flexible, dependable and efficient chocolate processing gear. This method also requires incorporating Callets to melted chocolate to obtain the right crystalline structure within it. I would chocolate machine say buy a good thermoter and save up your cash for a large machine. It makes chocolate contract during heatingsystem, which makes it a lot easier to unmould. I believe the most important issue is that the smaller machines do not temper enough pounds.

This tabletop chocolate temperer was designed with the home user in mind. The idea was simple: Take the planet’s most desired and most perplexing food (chocolate) and make it easy, easy, fun, and economical for everyone to use. Each variety or kind of chocolate should be tempered before you use it to mold soaps and hollow figures, or to enrobe chocolates and cakes.

I used about a pound of couveture discs however they climbed the sides up and almost from the machine and constantly had to be pushed back down manually which meant I had to stand by and track the machine. Made to melt and keep chocolate in optimal processing state. Selmi machinery is unique, easy and has need of fewer technical interventions.

Please be certain that you’re posting in the kind of a question. As you’ll find below, the three important principles for appropriate tempering are time, temperature and motion. The primary goal is to attract and impress customers by our machines’ aesthetic appeal. The balance between innovation and passion is what makes Selmi the undisputed benchmark in the industry of chocolate manufacturing.

When used with a baffle with holes (sold separately), then the chocolate tempering machine is capable of just under 2 lbs of chocolate. I’d also be quite interested in hearing opinions on the Sinsation vs. the Revolation, or other similar machines. Mini Rev instructions says for best results don’t use chocolate over 53% cocoa, many dark couvetures are higher than that.

It also makes the chocolate contract during cooling, which makes it a lot easier to unmould. Pomati machines are made to flawlessly blend into the decor of pastry shops, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and chocolate stores. If chocolate is simply melted (between 40 and 45 °C) and then left to cool down to a suitable working temperature, the finished product won’t be glossy.